5 Smart Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

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You don’t need a complete renovation to refresh the look of your kitchen.

Sometimes, just a few touches here and there will do to give the heart of your home something new and invigorating to enjoy. Take a look at five smart ways to refresh your kitchen.

Laminate Kitchen ways to refresh your kitchen look

1.   Paint the Walls a Brighter Colour

Your kitchen started out navy blue or maybe a tan colour. Sure, most of the wall space is covered by cabinets. But you still have some wall space that makes the kitchen look dark.


You have two options for painting the walls a brighter colour. First, you can completely strip the wall of its current colour with chemicals or a heat gun before applying primer and new paint. Or you can paint over the current wall with multiple layers of new paint.


For updating your kitchen with a brighter colour, consider light blue, a lighter shade of brown that could complement or contrast your kitchen cabinets, yellow for a cheerful sunshine colour, and of course you could go with a white kitchen.


2.   Change the Decor

Perhaps you don’t want to go all-in on painting the entire kitchen a new colour. Even changing the current decor offers a way to refresh your space without a complete kitchen renovation. Perhaps you have rustic wall hangings that complement a wicker fruit basket sitting on the bar. Instead, try seasonal decor that changes. Fall time is great for leaves, while winter holidays are all about pine trees and garland. Spring can have flowers. Don’t forget a favourite sports team, pastime, or family photos that can spruce up your kitchen.


3. Add Some Lighting

Under-the-cabinet lighting offers great ways to make your food prep areas brighter. They are relatively inexpensive and have bright LED options.


You can also install track lighting in the ceiling that has some directional elements to it. For example, you can install three lights right above your kitchen sink in front of the window. All three lights can point down, or have one point down and the other two off to the side onto some counter space. You can do the same thing above your island.


4. Buy One or Two Counter Appliances

You’ve had your eye on a new coffee maker for three years. Maybe it’s time to splurge on one? Or maybe you want a new industrial-strength mixer with a large bowl for those cakes and breads you bake. What about a new toaster, convection, or rotisserie oven that sits on your counter?


You have endless options for filling an empty corner of your counter with a new appliance that helps you to cook or prepare food more easily.


5. Invest in New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Think about refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinet doors for a new look thanks to Swedish Door. We offer better doors for your cabinets in a wide range of colours and styles. We can even replace your current cabinet doors with sturdy glass cabinet doors as part of your kitchen renovation.


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