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January 25, 2022

What is Cabinet Refacing? Your Comprehensive Guide

There are many questions we hear all the time when it comes to cabinet refacing. What is the cost of kitchen refacing? What are the differences in between replacement cabinet doors and refinishing/resurfacing? and simply 'What is cabinet refacing?'.

Here is your comprehensive guide covering all you need to know about cabinet refacing including: What is cabinet refacing? How much does refacing kitchen cabinets cost? Is it cheaper to reface or replace your cabinets? What is the difference between cabinet refacing and refinishing? and where do I find people who do kitchen / cabinet refacing?


What is cabinet refacing?

Kitchen refacing and cabinet or cabinet door refacing is the process of replacing existing cabinet doors with new doors to give your cabinetry the appearance of a brand new renovation without the added cost of purchasing new cabinet boxes. This typically involves just the cabinet doors, however some companies do offer additional matching components such as toe kick, side panels and install L's to give your kitchen a full custom look.

Is refacing kitchen cabinets worth it?

It comes down to a matter of preference; if you are happy with your current kitchen configuration and your cabinet boxes are in good condition then refacing is definitely the way to go. However if you are looking to replace your entire kitchen with brand new boxes arranged in a new configuration then getting new cabinet doors just makes sense.

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Is it cheaper to reface or replace cabinetry?

It will always be more cost effective to reface your cabinetry project as you're not faced with the added expense of new cabinet boxes, redesign and new hardware. Depending on your handiness with installs many reface packages are DIY friendly, but it never hurts to speak with a contractor if you're uncertain.

The average cost to reface cabinets

The average cost of refacing your cabinet doors varies depending on the type of finish, style of door, preferred material, and size of package you're looking to buy.

To give you an idea of price the average cost for a 8' x 10' kitchen layout (Not including island) using a painted Standard Shaker Door package would come in around $3200 CAD (~$2500USD).

Swedish Door Aart Shaker Door

What is the difference between cabinet refacing and refinishing/resufacing?

The terms refacing and refinishing/resurfacing often get confused. Cabinet refacing as stated above is the act of replacing old cabinet doors, side panels, additional components removed and replaced for a brand new kitchen look.

Cabinet refinishing/resurfacing is the process of having your cabinet doors existing finish or laminate removed and re-painted or a new laminate veneer applied. While this can be a very cost effective method it is worth noting that this can only be done with paint lacquered doors and unless professionally finished, risks the chance of visible brush strokes or roller lines.

It is worth noting that most professional paint services would require cabinet door material to be in excellent condition to be able to properly refinish or reface them without chips, bubbling or flaking. It's worth noting that even though this can be cost effective method the end price nears that of a brand new kitchen reface, and at that price point it is definitely worth getting brand new doors.

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Where to replace cabinet doors?

There are a number of companies who have cabinet doors such as IKEA and Home Depot, however these cabinet doors are specifically sized for their cabinet systems so finding cabinet doors to match your cabinetry may be very difficult.

If you're looking for custom cabinet doors that are specially created to fit nearly any measurements we suggest you search for Swedish Door.

Swedish Door creates custom cabinet doors and components using your IKEA kitchen planner plans or supplied measurements to give you replacement cabinet doors in any size you need. With a nearly unlimited selection of finishes such as paint, real wood veneer, laminate and more, there's a style just for you.

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