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May 18, 2022

Simple Hacks to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

floating shelves to hold dishes

We could all use more space in our kitchens. No matter how hard we try, it’s never enough for all of the tools, gadgets, food storage containers, and small appliances we want.

Although having more space may not be practical, we can make more space through some simple hacks that improve the way we store things in the heart of our home.

Hang Mugs on Hooks

Do you have a favourite coffee mug? Or two? Or 20? Install hooks underneath kitchen cabinets or shelves to place your mugs on. This gets the mugs out of the cabinet to free up more space for other things.

Alternatively, do the same thing with your stemware. An under-cabinet rack allows you to slide your stemware on and off effortlessly while keeping the glasses upside-down to prevent dust from accumulating.


Use Shelf Risers

Small risers on countertops or in cabinets can add an extra layer of space that lets you add more things above other things. For example, you keep some pots and pans on the counter. Above them, you can add a riser, or a small shelf with feet on it, to store some of your well-used drinking glasses. Risers can also help prevent dust from settling onto things beneath them.


Employ a Spice Rack

One of the best organizational tools for your kitchen is a spice rack, whether you put one on your counter, in a cabinet, on a pantry shelf, or even a pull-out drawer. A spice rack prevents you from spreading out the myriad spice containers you have, which makes it a hassle to find the right one. Instead, organize them in a way that fits your style (alphabetically comes to mind) without having to fumble around or lift every single spice jar before you find the right one.


Magnetic Knife Bar

You see these in restaurants all of the time. A magnetic knife bar on the wall maintains your sharps efficiently and effectively while keeping them out of reach of little hands. Magnetic knife bars are strong, with just enough pull to keep heavy knives in place without needing a lot of effort to remove them. Be careful when moving knives across your kitchen.


Purchase Baskets & Bins

Rather than the fridge, store fruits and vegetables in baskets and bins. You can still cover the bins, if needed, to prevent bugs, or consider keeping them wrapped in paper bags. You’d be surprised how much storage space you can save by just having a wire basket or two, especially if they stack easily on a counter or you get one that sits on the floor and forms a tower.


Use the Insides of Cabinet Doors

Have some skinny spaces inside your cabinet doors? Consider stick-on racks, similar to magazine racks, for storing things like small pans, cutting boards, muffin pans, and baking sheets. Hanging racks along the insides of cabinet doors maximizes the space you already have. Consider using tack-on easy to remove adhesive hooks to avoid compromising the integrity of your cabinet doors with additional drilling.


Install Rolling Shelves

Rather than having to poke your head into kitchen cabinets all of the time, install rolling shelves you can pull out so that you can see what’s in there. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and fit your existing cabinets thanks to standard sizes.


Get a Small Lazy Susan

Small lazy Susans can fit inside your cabinets for better organization. Like a spice rack, you won’t have to pick up a tonne of spice jars to find the right one. Just put a small lazy Susan inside, spin it around to find what you need, and go back to your food prep routine without a 10-minute hunt for the item you need.


Utilize Floating Shelves

Floating shelves do two things. They maximize your decor options, and high-capacity floating shelves add more ways to store or display dishes, cups, utensils, jars, containers, and more along the wall.

Swedish Door floating shelves can handle these storage options for you. Our high-capacity floating shelves can hold up to 20 lb. per bracket. Products come in four standard painted colours, with the option to have them custom-painted to match any paint colour on the market to create a cohesive look in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can purchase them in a clear finish of walnut or maple veneer to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Whether you need five floating shelves or 20, we can help you maximize the space in your kitchen with sturdy, high-capacity floating shelves. Contact us for more information on custom-made shelves for your kitchen.

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