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April 13, 2022

Tips for Choosing the Right Cabinet Colour

Tired of looking at the same thing every time you walk into your kitchen?

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in a home — everybody’s got to eat sometime! Spending time there can be so much more pleasurable when you have something delightful to look at.

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in a home — everybody’s got to eat sometime! Spending time there can be so much more pleasurable when you have something delightful to look at.

So, what do you do when you want to change things up? Full kitchen renovation is expensive and inconvenient. But imagine what would happen if you simply change the cabinet doors? You could make your kitchen look completely different with this one task!

Let’s look at some colour ideas to help you pick the right colour for painted cabinet doors!

Classic White Shaker Kitchen

1. Classic White

White is always a classic. It feels fresh, brightens up the room, and goes with everything. Whether you have stainless steel appliances or brightly coloured backsplashes to work with, white will fit with the colour scheme.

If your kitchen is small or dark, white will help open up the room to make it feel larger and brighter.

Chic black kitchen

2. Chic Black

A dark colour like black makes a bold statement. While white brightens and enlarges a space, black makes it seem more snug and cozy. It’s a fantastic colour to use in a spacious kitchen.

Mix it with white accents for a retro look or use warm-toned accents to keep it cheerful.

Soft Gray Kitchen

3. Soft Gray

Gray is another fabulous colour that is easy to work with. Try pairing it with bright accents for a cheerful, yet not overwhelming look.

Light gray cabinets are perfect for a French country or farmhouse-style kitchen.

mint green painted Kitchen

4. Fresh Mint Green

Let’s break out of the neutrals palette for these last two colours. Neutrals are great because they are easy to pair with other colours when designing the overall colour scheme. Plus, they appeal to a wide variety of tastes which is good to keep in mind for selling your house later on.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to them!

Light seafoam or mint green are perfect shades for bridging the gap between neutral and bright, boldly painted cabinet doors. The shades are muted enough that they are still easy to match but fill your kitchen with a delightfully fresh burst of colour!

Navy Blue Kitchen

5. Bold BlueS

A bolder option for adding colour to your kitchen is a blue like Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray. Again, it is muted enough for easy matching yet makes a strong statement on custom cabinet doors.

Pair it with a white, cream or light-yellow walls for a classic, sophisticated look that isn’t too dark.

Pick Your Perfect Cabinet Colour

These are only a few colours that are popular for painted cabinet doors this season. However, you should pick the colours that make you happy every time you walk into your kitchen.

So when you’re ready for a kitchen renovation, think about the effect you want to create. Do you want to go bold? Chic and sophisticated? Warm and cozy?

Whatever vibe you want, there’s a cabinet colour that can create it. With Swedish Door's standard paint colours to choose from and the option to get brand new painted doors in any painted colour you can think of using our Custom Colour Match service, we have the perfect colours for every style.

Contact us today and start planning custom cabinet doors that you’ll love!

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