March 30, 2022


Using IKEA cabinets in kitchen remodels has become very popular with Canadian homeowners. The brand’s SEKTION line of cabinets topped the J.D. Power 2018 Kitchen Cabinet Satisfaction Study in all five categories: design features, price, warranty, operational performance, and ordering and delivery.

IKEA is unsurprisingly the go-to source for many people whose kitchen remodel budgets do not support custom cabinets. Planning an IKEA kitchen allows you to mix high-end products and finishes from brands like Swedish Door and pair them with IKEA cabinet boxes. IKEA kitchen cabinets have become exceedingly popular with designers and architects, which has led to an increase in companies offering unique drawer and door fronts for the IKEA cabinet systems.

This post shows how Swedish Door can customize your IKEA cabinet system with a near endless variety of custom door and drawer styles not found in-store.

Swedish Door Painted Aart Shaker Door

Planning an IKEA Kitchen Remodel

People worldwide appreciate IKEA’s furniture because of its durability, functionality, and aesthetic appearance. However, even the best pieces may not meet your idea of a custom kitchen finish.

At some point there may come a time where your old kitchen style no longer matches your preferences and you face a dilemma. Do you completely renovate your kitchen and buy new cabinets? Or replace and reface old your existing cabinet system?

Replacing old IKEA cabinet doors allows you to breathe new life into your existing kitchen without too much effort and save the added expense of purchasing brand new cabinets. Swedish Door is your go-to partner when planning an IKEA kitchen on a budget. It offers a wide variety of cabinet door styles that meet all walks of life from traditional classic looks, new trendy ones, modern designs, and minimalist styles.

●      What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing refers to replacing existing cabinet doors with new ones to give your cabinetry the appearance of a custom, brand new renovation without the added cost of replacing cabinet boxes. Although it typically involves replacing the cabinet doors, some companies go the extra mile to offer additional components such as side panels and toe kicks for a complete custom look.


●      Kitchen Cabinet Replacement vs. NEW RENO

The decision comes down to whether you are happy with your existing kitchen configuration and whether your IKEA cabinet boxes are in good condition. If so, refacing is the way to go because it’s affordable. However, purchasing new IKEA cabinetry makes more sense if you plan on remodeling your kitchen space and introducing a brand new layout.


When planning a new IKEA kitchen, look for a company like Swedish Door that uses your IKEA kitchen planner plans to create a custom cabinet door package to fit your specific measurements.


Wood Veneer kitchen interior in modern luxury house


Five Things to Know When Buying an Ikea Kitchen

Your cabinet layout is the skeleton of a kitchen and can make or break the custom design you have in mind. If you are planning an IKEA kitchen, there are a few things to know before you begin your remodel:

1.     SEKTION Update

IKEA replaced its AKURUM line of cabinets after 20 years of production with the new and improved SEKTION system of cabinets. The change occurred in 2015, making the new cabinetry system incompatible with the old AKURUM door line. The new IKEA SEKTION line of products is called METOD in Europe. IKEA's new SEKTION line of cabinets does however boast a host of new features:

  • They are more modular, offering more cabinet sizes and configuration options
  • They have new internal fittings that are nicer than AKURUM options
  • They have integrated interior lighting options
  • They have a hanging rail for lower cabinets, making them easier to install

2.     Customizable

IKEA’s kitchen cabinets and fittings come in modular elements of drawers, cabinets, and fronts, allowing you to assemble and customize your kitchen yourself. However, the DIY process is can be cumbersome as it takes time and planning to assemble each cabinet. However, the cost savings are significant, particularly if renovating or building a new kitchen.

3.     High-Quality Hardware

IKEA drawers are solid metal with superb hardware, drawer bumpers and soft-closing Blum hinges. They do not swell and warp like particleboard and MDF, making them long-lasting cabinets. Kitchen remodels using IKEA products are also cost-effective.

4.     IKEA Door and Cabinet fronts

You can opt to buy IKEA’s inexpensive, well-made cabinets and put custom fronts on them for a truly luxurious finish. In addition, IKEA’s system is flexible and modular, meaning you can buy the cabinets without drawer fronts and doors and install custom ones.

5.     IKEA Planning Software

IKEA has a wonderful piece of software to help customers plan their kitchen. You can access the app on your web browser, making it convenient. It helps you plan your IKEA kitchen, starting with drawing the space with the correct proportions and adding cabinets to your specifications. You can also try different colours, flooring, and other finishes (countertops, door fronts, and appliances) for a realistic look.

You can then forward the plan to Swedish Door and have them create custom doors and fronts to meet your new kitchen design needs.

Black Painted Shaker Door Kitchen Transitional Home

How Swedish Door Can Help with Your Kitchen Remodel

Here at Swedish Door, we believe you don’t need to compromise on your IKEA kitchen ideas and the final look of your space. Instead, your kitchen space should match your style, personality, and preferences to make it uniquely yours.
In addition, by simply sending us your IKEA Sektion kitchen plans, or submitting the Swedish Door order sheet, we will provide you with a kitchen cabinet door package to meet your custom kitchen look expectations.

At Swedish Door, we have a complete line of drawer fronts, doors, panels, gables, and other components compatible with IKEA products such as its SEKTION kitchen cabinets, GODMORGON, AKURUM (2003-2015), PAX, and BESTA cabinet systems. In addition, our custom IKEA compatible cabinet doors and components are of the highest quality in the industry, guaranteed to give your project a truly custom look.

We supply doors in different styles and materials to fit IKEA cabinets. These include 5 piece wood, real wood veneer, painted HDF (lacquered high-density fiberboard), high glass, and laminate. With Swedish Door's ability to offer you the painted cabinet door line any colour in the market using our patented custom colour match service, the choices are truly endless.

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