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May 26, 2017

Will the Finishing Shop By Swedish Door Package My Product for Transport?

So you’re a contractor or carpenter who has had a product painted or varnished by the Finishing Shop by Swedish Door. You’re probably wondering if we’ll package the items for transport. The short answer is yes.


While you’re responsible for shipping or otherwise picking up the products from our shop, we do package everything in foam, paper or cardboard. Larger items will be wrapped in blankets that you are responsible for providing, and it’s a good idea to have shipping blankets on hand to provide cushioning during transport.


If you’re a home owner looking to refinish your cabinets, that’s a whole different story -- and something that we’re not going to cover in this post. (Feel free to contact us and ask us any questions about that, though.)



What Packaging Will Do for You

This is probably going to sound like we’re saying something obvious, but Swedish Door is concerned about the state of your finished pieces once they leave the shop. We don’t want your furniture or cabinets to get scuffed or, worse, broken. By adequately packaging the products for you, we’ll prevent damage caused to your goods from being kicked, dropped or rattled by any other forms of impact. The goal is to reduce the amount of vibration caused to your product, which will help prevent it from being damaged.


After all, you’ve paid us for the privilege of putting a finish on your goods. The last thing we want to see happen is all of our hard work (and yours) go down the drain because a shipper accidentally dropped a box containing your pieces.



We Have Experience in Packaging

We’ve been working with finishing for a long time, so we know how to best package your goods depending on the product. We’re pretty good judges of the fragility of an item, so we’ll wrap that piece appropriately. We wrap smaller objects with heavy paper, and wad up balls of heavy paper when putting the product into boxes.


We also look at things such as the type of wood used on the product, and how durable it is. We also consider our own finishes, too, and how they need to be wrapped or packaged in order to be protected.


Basically, when it comes to packing, we use standard industry practices. You should know that we pack items with extraordinary care so that things won’t move around in the shipping process, causing damage or shocks to the shipped package. Again, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re shipping something larger, please bring shipping blankets to wrap and secure those items. That’s the only thing we’ll ask. The rest we’ll take care of on our own, giving you peace of mind.



Reach Out to Us

Now that you know we can take care of your packing needs, consider the rest of the job we can do for transforming your cabinets and furniture into real works of art that gleam with a well-done paint job or varnish. Contact us if you have a need for our services, and we’ll make sure your job is handled with the utmost care from beginning to end.


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