Updating Your Cabinets with IKEA Replacement Doors

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If you have IKEA doors on your cabinets, and you’re thinking about replacing them, you should think about Swedish Door for this project. We have an impressive selection of GRIMSLÖV and BODBYN style doors for IKEA cabinets that you can order in just about any size and colour.  

IKEA Bodbyn and Grimslow style doors

Why Choose IKEA Replacement Doors?

The nice thing about the original GRIMSLÖV and BODBYN doors that you can buy at IKEA is that they’re made out of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). The grimslov is a Thermofoil door and the Bodbyn is a painted door so you’ll have a reasonably durable and strong door. However, at Swedish Door, we make things even nicer by manufacturing a door style similar to GRIMSLÖV and BODBYN that’s made out of High Density Fibreboard (HDF), which is much stronger and more durable. 

We also offer these doors in virtually any colour, so no matter what the look of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom is, we can match it.  We can do this because both our door styles are painted HDF giving you more options with colour selection.  

Want something that's funky and trendy? We can offer a more Euro-styled door modelled after the GRIMSLÖV line. Want something more traditional? Our BODBYN style doors have a frame and a bevelled panel that gives it a distinct, more homely character.

More Benefits

Beyond being stylish, there are a few reasons for selecting a GRIMSLÖV or BODBYN style cabinet doors.

GRIMSLÖV style doors have a foil surface that is impact-resistant, easy to care for and keep clean. You simply can wipe it clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner, and then wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

IKEA Grimslov style door at Swedish Door
The same goes for BODBYN style doors, which are lacquered doors that are smooth and seamless, resistant to moisture and staining, and, again, are very easy to keep clean.

IKEA Bodbyn style door at Swedish Door

The beauty in both styles of doors is that they can be either mounted on the left or right-hand side of your cabinet box, so they’re versatile to your needs in terms of which side you use to open the cabinet. IKEA doors are also much more cost effective than other manufacturers, but you’re going to get a comparable product for what you pay. 


What’s more, Swedish Door stocks a wide array of hardware, so you can pick from an assortment of handles and pulls.  

All of these facts and features may lead to you to choosing IKEA products for your cabinet as the best fit. For more information on the process of how you can select your door from us, please consult our Doors for IKEA Cabinetry page, which details the entire process.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to update your wardrobe with a contemporary or traditional look and durable product, reach out to Swedish Door today. We’ll help you make a masterpiece out of your cabinet doors. We’ll assist you in picking the right door, the right color and the right finish. That’s all the more reason to shop at Swedish Door and buy IKEA-style replacement cabinet doors.

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