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April 19, 2023

Toppmodern - new flat matte cabinet doors

We want you to join us in welcoming a brand new addition to the Swedish Door painted cabinet door family- 'toppmodern'. Toppmodern is a new state-of-the-art flat matte paint finish that gives any cabinetry a beautiful modern day look while preserving the unique custom experience and highest quality our painted cabinet door line is known for.

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Translated from Swedish to English 'toppmodern' literally means 'State-of-the-art' and it is the backbone in which Swedish Door strives to offer all of our clients the highest quality in cabinet door technology available to the market.

Make no mistake- this isn't your typical laminate or thermofoil matte finish that is already well known. This is a brand new special process unique to Swedish Door to give you the best modern day, close to zero sheen finish possible with unmatched painted durability.


What is paint sheen?

The term 'sheen' is an industry standard word for 'gloss'. A typical kitchen will display a sheen (or gloss) of about 25-30 degrees.

While a standard lacquered paint isn't immediately noticeable on lighter colours or various shades of white- on dark colours, greys and shades of black it becomes far more noticeable when exposed to different lighting and can take away from the modern flat look.


What does the term 'flat' or 'matte' paint mean?

The term 'flat' and 'matte' are the exact same. This is and lacquered paint product that has a sheen (or gloss) of 3 degrees or less resulting in a painted finish that doesn't reflect light. 


What is the difference between regular laquered paint vs Painted Matte finishes

Through pictures alone the differences may be difficult to spot but there are  a plethora of benefits to having a matte finish throughout your brand new kitchen. We've covered everything you need to know about matte kitchen cabinets here.


Where can I see these beautiful new finishes for myself?

There's no question about it. The best way to judge this new finish for yourself is to visit one of our official or partner showrooms located across Canada. You can find a list of our locations by using our Swedish Door partner page, or carry on below to place an order for our Toppmodern Matte Flat Paint samples.

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Browse our selection of Toppmodern matte and standard painted samples. We recommend comparing the standard and matte finishes in different light sources next to one another to see the difference for yourself!

Browse Toppmodern - Matte Paint Samples

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