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June 9, 2017

To Sand or Not To Sand Your Work Before Having Your Piece Professionally Finished

Hooray! You’ve put together a beautiful cabinet or a piece of furniture, and it’s now ready to be sent to the Finishing Shop by Swedish Door for that final coat of paint or varnish. The thing you might be wondering is if Swedish Door will just take care of that last little piece of work known as sanding.


You should know that Swedish Door’s position is that it is your responsibility to make sure all milled wood and veneers are properly sanded before sending them to us. We will, however, assess and sand out scuffs caused by shipping and transport, and we’ll ensure that the product is properly prepared to accept stain or primer.


So you’re probably now wondering why sanding is a job best left to the woodworker or contractor. There are a few reasons that doing the sanding yourself can actually benefit you.



1. You’re Already Set Up for Sanding

If you’re a professional woodworker, chances are that you have a sander of some sort. This is a job that you can do properly yourself. It’s a good idea to do the job on your own because a lot can go wrong with sanding -- and you don’t want to have somebody else to blame if that happens!


Indeed, you can personally control the level of sanding required. You’ll know how much you’ll need to sand, so it’ll be far easier to just do it yourself.


This is why we say that sanding is your responsibility. You’ll know what needs to be done, and how to do it right. Don’t risk having someone else do it when you have the know-how already.



2. You’ll Save Money

If you do the sanding job yourself, you’ll save having to pay someone else to do it. You’ll also be able to transfer those savings onto the customers or increase your own return on investment. That’s important, because customers can be very price-conscious these days, so if they’re faced with extra charges, they might decide that they like a competitor’s work much better -- because it’s cheaper.



3. We’re Finishing Experts

We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our painting and finishing. Of course, we know how to sand, but that’s not really what we do. We’ve specialized in one kind of work, so we can do that work better than anyone else. By specializing, we focus on finishing your product faster. Our lead times are better than they would be if we were sanding, so this all means you can get your product ready to be installed much quicker.


The cost of sanding isn’t included in our finishing services, but if you need to sand something, we’re set up to do it, too. It’s an add-on service that we offer.



4. You’ll Take More Pride In Your Work

Face it, the more work that you do yourself, the more likely you’re going to take pride and care in your work from start to finish. If you do a good sanding job, you can get a lot of satisfaction knowing that you’ve done the job well. That can be more tangible and powerful than any of the other reasons on this list.


That all said, if you’re absolutely and positively convinced that we’d do a better job than you, we will do sanding at an hourly rate.



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