BlogThe Pros and Cons of Repainting a Kitchen with a Professional Wood Finishing Shop.

April 6, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Repainting a Kitchen with a Professional Wood Finishing Shop.

Doing a renovation of your home? Maybe you’re living in an outdated home and want to refresh the kitchen without rebuilding it from scratch. But maybe you want to resell, and know the kitchen is going to get a lot of attention because that’s going to be the place where potential home buyers are going to look first, along with the bathrooms. In either case, you might be thinking that giving a facelift to your kitchen is a good plan. 

One of the ways you can spruce up your kitchen is by repainting your kitchen cabinets with a professional wood finishing shop such as the Finishing Shop by Swedish Door. Cabinet repainting can give your kitchen a new look just by repainting your cabinets.

However, there are pros and cons to this approach. This article will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages to a kitchen repainting done by professionals.



The Pros

There are many benefits to having your kitchen repainted by a professional wood finishing shop.


1. You Won’t Have to Deal With Harmful Substances

If you live in a much older home, the probability that harmful substances are in the paint of the kitchen cabinets is high. You can encounter anything from lead to formaldehyde to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the paint of your old cabinets and drawers. Having the cabinets sanded or stripped in your home raises the spectre of these older noxious substances getting into your cooking and dining areas.


If you use the professionals, though, you can have someone take the doors to repaint them in the wood finishing shop. This will literally have you breathing easier.


Swedish Door uses products with minimal chemicals, too, such as Low VOC, low formaldehyde or the option of formaldehyde free paint, so there’s even less harm. By controlling the kind f paint used, the final product will be much cleaner, as well. We use spray guns to apply the finish, which means you get a smoother, more durable, higher-quality finish. All the more reason to trust the pros.


2. You Can Keep Your Older Cabinets By Repainting Them

Sometimes, it’s good to just keep your existing cabinets. Some older cabinets were custom-made and built to last by being made out of high-quality, solid wood. That said, sometimes solid wood can warp, so there are times where you might need to replace them.


Newer cabinets can be better in that they are made straighter, lighter and cheaper. However, if your cabinets are in good condition, it might be better to have professionals add lustre to your kitchen cabinets rather than scrap it all for something more modern. If your kitchen has a great layout and good quality cabinets, you only want a change of colour for your cabinets and you don’t think you’ll change your mind, then repainting your kitchen cabinets with a professional wood finishing shop might be the way to go.


3. Repainting is Cheaper

A repainting job will cost you a quarter to a third of the cost of buying a brand new kitchen. Your kitchen walls will remain intact, without the need to rebuild anything.


4. You’ll Have Some Flexibility in Design

You won’t be limited in doing a kitchen refresh when it comes to design options. You can change the entire look of your cabinets with different kinds of paints. You might also be able to add a few more cabinets and paint them to match your existing design.



The Cons

Alas, there are a few drawbacks to having a professional wood finishing shop repaint your kitchen cabinets.


1. In Some Circumstances, Repainting Sometimes Takes More Time

A repainting job on your kitchen cabinets sometimes can be time-consuming. It could take as long as three weeks to repaint your cabinets, even if professionals do it. In comparison, replacing the doors might be a faster thing to do. So you have to think about whether or not the time and effort involved by having a professional wood finishing shop repaint your cabinets are worth it.


2. Repainting is Only Cosmetic

One downside of kitchen repainting is that you’ll only be changing the appearance of how your cabinets are laid out. A repainting job won’t help you if:

  • Your floor plan is poorly laid out.
  • You don’t have enough counter space.
  • You want better functionality in your kitchen.


In those cases, a full kitchen renovation would be needed, rather than just a repainting of your cabinets and drawers.


3. Successful Repainting Depends on the Materials

What your cabinets are made of may limit whether or not a repainting job can be successfully completed. We can repaint doors that are made of medium-density fibreboard or wood and wood veneer. However, we can’t repaint doors made with melamine or covered in thermofoil (plastic). Doors that are badly damaged are not worth repainting, either.


However, we offer replacement doors when a door can’t be repainted.



Contact the Finishing Shop by Swedish Door

Now that you know the pros and cons to kitchen cabinet repainting by a professional wood finishing shop, think about contacting us. We will be happy to discuss your kitchen repainting needs and work with you to deliver a kitchen that truly gleams and meets the design of your dreams.


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