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February 22, 2024

The Collaborative Chronicles - SACHI

Vanessa Riddell - Designer & Owner of SACHI

 Swedish Door’s “The Collaborative Chronicles” is a series that provides a comprehensive overview that showcases the history, skills, expertise, and creative capabilities of our trusted Design & Installation Partners.


Vanessa Riddell, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, discovered her passion for interior design in the most unexpected way. Her creativity would eventually blossom into a fulfilling career as an interior designer.


06Her journey into the world of design began 15 years ago with her and her husband’s shared dream of creating inviting spaces which naturally led them to collaborate when she helped him stage homes he was selling as a Real Estate Agent.

Fueled by passion for design, she began transforming empty houses into vibrant, welcoming homes. Her keen sense of style, attention to detail, and ability to envision the potential of any space quickly turned heads. Potential buyers were not just purchasing houses; they were investing in a lifestyle curated by Vanessa's artistic touch.



“I’ve created a simple method of working with clients that makes everything clear and upfront.

Working this way allows the homeowner to have more control over the process and gives me more information so I can fine-tune the design to their specific needs,” she said.


As word spread about her staging skills, demand for her services grew. What started as a supportive gesture for her husband's real estate business soon became the launchpad for Vanessa’s own venture into the world of interior design. She realized that she had found her calling – a way to blend her innate creativity with her love for creating spaces that felt like home.


03Her new business, SACHI, gained recognition for her ability to transform any space. Her signature style emerged as a harmonious flow with balanced colours and creative solutions which resonated with both homeowners and potential buyers alike.


“It is so important to choose a designer. They bring lots of experience and aesthetic advice which (many) homeowners need. Homes are huge assets, it’s worth it to do it right,” she explained.


“Finding a designer you feel comfortable with, who you can communicate clearly with, is

something you should consider.”

01Vanessa always makes her clients a priority and develops spaces based on personal touches brought by her clients. She always suggests coming prepared to appointments with photos and websites of spaces that are on brand with each individual’s selective tastes and budgets.


With each project, Vanessa continues to weave her magic, turning houses into homes and making every space a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design.

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