BlogOut with the old, in with the new! Top Trends for 2024

November 22, 2023

Out with the old, in with the new! Top Trends for 2024

Out with the old, in with the new!

 Gone are the days of brightly coloured cabinets with vibrant accent pieces and here to stay are warm wood tones and rich bold hues.

If you’re thinking of refacing or renovating your kitchen this year, we have good news! You can liven up and modernize your space on a budget while following the latest trends with new doors from Swedish Door.

Your kitchen cabinet doors will set the tone for your entire living space. It is where family gathers for holidays, the kids finish their homework or where you go to sneak in that late night snack. Whatever you’re using your kitchen for, it should reflect your lifestyle.


Here is a breakdown of what’s trending in kitchen design for 2024.


The warmth of wood

In recent years, wood has been resurfacing in kitchen designs, but it appears to be planting its roots to provide more tranquil, upscale kitchen vibes going into 2024.

It is important to consider the space you have when using wood as your cabinet doors. If it’s not paired with the right colours, it can risk looking dated or clashing. Without enough light, it can also make your kitchen seem dark or dated. Finding the balance is important to achieve the right affect.

The most popular among the wood doors available at Swedish Door are Walnut, White Oak, and Maple.



Walnut is not for the faint of heart. It’s beautiful rich browns and lighter caramel streaks offers a unique upscale atmosphere, but the variance of these contrasting blends is busy. If used with deeper tones, it can give off a polished upscale setting but can also make a room seem dark. A lot of ambient light works best alongside this type of door.


White Oak

A lot of the newer generation of homeowners think about White Oak as their “parent’s kitchen” as it was commonly used in the 80’s and 90’s but, it is now it's used alongside rich colours and white for a very modern look. White oak is a durable wood with a streamlined grain pattern in a lighter tone that can be easily changed with a custom stain. Since it's comeback in recent years, it has quickly become the popular choice for kitchen cabinet doors.



For a simpler design that is cost-effective, maple is the way to go. It provides a warm clean look since the grain pattern is a smoother finish in a lighter pink/yellow undertone – a great option for a more minimalist wood feature. Because of its subdued colour and consistency in the grain, it can easily be stained to a darker option to offer a rich finish.

(All options are available to order as a sample here: Wood Samples)

 Wood Doors


Bold colours

Whether you’re choosing to do your kitchen cabinets in a fully painted finish or mixed with wood, bold pigmented colours can elevate your space to look more upscale.

Using deep greens, blues, greys and coppers gives off a high-end feeling bringing a luxurious atmosphere into your home.


Blue and Green 3

A common pairing with these colours for hardware are brushed brass or gold handles and knobs. Additional gold, black and wood accents will help elevate the design to the next level.

Swedish door has more than 20 colour options to choose from including some of our most pigmented colours such as Railings, Anthracite, Gentleman’s Grey, Beau Green and Matte Blue.

If you have a different idea in mind, we can also offer custom colour matching to all the major paint brands, or even your favourite pillow or wallpaper colour.


(You can find our complete painted selection here: Painted Samples )


Lighting is an important and essential part of any project. It is even more significant when you have darker textures and colours in your space. This year, using understated lights is the trend to blend the entire design together.

Ways you can incorporate different types of lighting is to mix textures and colours with existing features in the space. Try to not have too many lighting sources or it could quickly become cluttered.

No matter what your style; contemporary, traditional, modern or eclectic, Swedish Door can provide you with the perfect solution so you can love your refreshed kitchen makeover.

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