Other Uses for IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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One thing that’s great about IKEA kitchen cabinet doors is that they are versatile.  In fact, there is a whole community of people who love to "hack" IKEA designs to make them even more versatile than they already are.  IKEA cabinet doors can be used all over the house and you've most likely seen them in the bathroom. 

IKEA cabinet doors in a bathroom

In case you didn't know, Swedish Door makes replacement doors for IKEA cabinets in almost any size and colour, so the possibilities when it comes to using them elsewhere are almost limitless. Really, you can use them for anything from hiding your spirits in a home bar to keeping your computer out of sight in a storage-savvy desk. If you really don’t have a specific project in mind, however, we do have three specific ideas orther ways you can use IKEA kitchen cabinet doors in your home. 

1. customize an IkEA PAX Wardrobe System

If you have either a built-in or free-standing IKEA PAX wardrobe, you may find it to be rather plain looking. If you want something more custom-made or integrated, for instance, you can use custom cabinet doors and crown moulding from Swedish Door when you create a wardrobe or media centre. If you’re particularly ambitious, you can use matching panels to create partitions and shelves on it.

Replacement doors for IKEA Pax Wardrobe System


Swedish Door has an incredible selection of cabinet doors. Have a look and imagine one of these styles working well in your bedroom on a PAX wardrobe system.

The nice thing about IKEA kitchen cabinets themselves is that they don’t just work in the kitchen -- if you haven’t bought a PAX wardrobe, you can use the cabinets, for instance, to create a wardrobe that has more space. However, whatever the case may be, you can count on Swedish Door to give you the colour and style that you want to spruce up your bedroom’s look.


2. Create a Spacious Entertainment System

The IKEA BESTÅ line offers a multi-purpose solution in your living room, and you can customize it to your tastes and needs -- giving it a dose of your personality in the process. You can create a clean and modern entertainment centre to display your favourite things, or hide items -- such as movies or books -- that would make the room feel cluttered. The great thing about it is you can change the doors, knobs, colours and style to make sure this solution is perfect for you.

Swedish Door can make any size and style of cabinet door to fit your BESTÅ entertainment system. As you can see, IKEA products can be adapted to suit whatever touch you want to give it and provide your furniture with a certain flair that is totally unique. If you don’t like the Euro modern look that’s a dead giveaway that you bought your entertainment system from IKEA, swap out the doors with Swedish Door to put on a different finish that’s more traditional in style, if that’s what you’re going for.

3. USING IKEA Cabinet Doors in Your Bathroom

IKEA has a bevy of bathroom vanity products, but you’re not just limited to the cabinet doors provided with each vanity. Swedish door can provide custom doors and panels to give your bathroom a unique feel that matches the space.

To go further, one IKEA product hack is to install kitchen cabinets, period, in your bathroom instead of a vanity. These storage compartments are the perfect height for a double-sink vanity. In some cases, you won’t need to cut the IKEA kitchen cabinet doors down to size. Use a toe kick from the kitchen to fill up any extra space. A granite countertop can be added, and you can drop a sink into that. Presto! You now have a bathroom vanity just be reusing IKEA products.

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