BlogThe difference between IKEA SEKTION and AKURUM Kitchens

January 30, 2019

The difference between IKEA SEKTION and AKURUM Kitchens

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In 2015, IKEA replaced their AKURUM system of cabinets with a new system of cabinets called SEKTION. Both systems are very similar in appearance, but there are many differences that are easy to miss. This can be especially frustrating when trying to replace doors for your AKURUM system with new SEKTION doors.


How to tell if I have an IKEA SEKTION or AKURUM Kitchen

It may be difficult to spot the difference at first, but there is a quick and easy way to do this.

Difference between AKURUM and SEKTION kitchens

While on the outside, the two systems look strikingly similar, on the inside they are quite different. First, simply open your doors and look inside the cabinet boxes. The holes drilled along the sides of AKURUM cabinets were made to allow for varied sizes of drawers and shelves that fit into very few combination choices. SEKTION cabinets on the other hand, were built to be more modular and versatile by allowing interesting combinations like drawers inside of drawers.

IKEA SEKTION Kitchen with Swedish Door Cabinet DoorsDesign:; Photography:@kevinbela.     

Can I replace my old AKURUM door fronts with the new SEKTION doors?

No. The new SEKTION doors may look identical to your old AKURUM doors, but they are very different. The hinge mounting plates made for SEKTION doors do not match the AKURUM cabinet holes, and the SEKTION doors are about 5/16” larger than the older AKURUM doors, so they do not fit properly over the older AKURUM cabinet.

Swedish Door High Gloss Doors on cabinetsDesign: @kimterondesign; Photography: Martin Lipman 

Great systems! Not very many styles and color options...

For new and old kitchens alike, IKEA SEKTION cabinets are a fantastic and cost-effective way to build your dream kitchen, but what if you do not like any of the available door styles and finishes from IKEA? What if you have an existing AKURUM kitchen that really needs a facelift and IKEA no longer offers the same AKURUM kitchen door that was bought 10 or 20 years ago?

No worries! There is a great alternative to standard IKEA doors that can be custom made to fit any cabinet system you have; whether you are designing a new SEKTION kitchen, updating your old AKURUM kitchen, or refacing any other type of cabinet system.

Swedish Door has been making custom doors for IKEA’s AKURUM, SEKTION, PAX and other cabinet systems for several years. We offer hundreds of styles, colors and finishes that will give you the custom look you have always wanted – at half the price of a custom project. Whether it is painted HDF (we use High Density Fibreboard – most other doors are made of MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard), sequenced wood veneer (horizontal or vertical), 5-piece solid wood, high gloss flat panel, or cost-effective Thermofoil - Swedish Door has the door for you!


Shaker Doors in Cloud white with glass inserts. Flat panel drawer fronts.

To make your dream project complete, and give it that truly custom look, we make the matching side panels (gables), toe-kicks, valances and crown moulding. We also offer a large selection of ornamental hardware including pulls and handles, as well as upgraded soft-closing hinges. Check out our catalogue and ask us for a free quote!

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Manufactured in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario, we are proudly Canadian, with shipping across Canada and the United States.

Swedish Door Standard Shaker Doors and Drawer FrontsDesign: @kimterondesign; Photography: Martin Lipman

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