How Replacement IKEA Cabinet Doors Can Increase Your Design Options

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If you have IKEA kitchen cabinets and IKEA cabinet doors, you might not be aware that you can get replacement IKEA cabinet doors that are custom-made to fit your IKEA kitchen cabinets.  This is a great way to revitalize your kichen without getting a whole new kitchen.  You can save perhaps 75% of the cost of a new cabinet when you only replace the door.

We’ve come up with three things you should know about buying replacement IKEA cabinet doors.  It's a decision that will give you more design options when it comes to designing a new look for your kitchen kitchen.



1. It Will Costs Less Than a New Kitchen

Replacing your cabinet doors doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, this can give life to a bland kitchen at a lower price than having to rip out everything and start all over again. It is a particularly good idea to replace existing IKEA cabinet doors with custom-made doors, such as those offered by Swedish Door, when you want extra cabinets, for instance. This will save you money, and allow you to expand their kitchen within budget.

Before you get you pay for new cabinets and doors, be sure to think about how you want your kitchen to look and function. Your choice of replacement IKEA doors will reflect the style you want in you kitchen -- and that’s where you can dream up all sorts of designs that may fit what you want. Remember, you don’t have to get overly complicated. The best kitchen cabinet doors are sometimes simple and can easily fit the design of the kitchen.

2. You’ll Have More Budget for Components and Accessories

Putting new cabinet doors on your IKEA cabinets will give you more options to play with. The reason is if you replace only the doors instead of replacing the whole cabinets, you  will have more money to spend on extras. Just be sure that if you wind up changing up the “kitchen jewellery", that you replace pulls for pulls and knobs with knobs -- since holes in wood don’t grow back.

You will save even more if you update the look of the kitchen while being budget-conscious on the accessories such as handles and pull that you buy. An example is trading brushed stainless steel hardware for more oil-rubbed bronze, pewter and aged-looking metals. Not only is this cheaper, it’s trendier.  

3. You Can Buy IKEA Boxes Without Buying Doors, Getting Cool Custom Designs Elsewhere

If you want to or need to replacement your cabinet boxes, but aren’t sure if IKEA’s rather limited door selection works with your kitchen, you can expand your palette. There are other manufacturers, like us, that make replacement IKEA cabinet doors. If there’s something trendy that you want elsewhere, they can still use an IKEA cabinet box (in the industry, we simply call them boxes). This will save you some money while giving you the design flexibility to choose a custom-made door that works right with your kitchen.

Swedish Door makes doors for IKEA cabinetry. Our product line is fully compatible with Akurum and Sektion lines of cabinets. All you have to do is submit the design plan from IKEA, and tell us what door style, finish, and components you require. It’s that easy.  

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