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May 4, 2022

Helpful IKEA Kitchen Hacks You Need to Know

IKEA has transformed the way we think about kitchens and kitchen design. The cabinetry and looks are sleek, modern, and handle a ton of different configurations and appliances.

As you can imagine, many homeowners have created some practical tips for IKEA kitchens, including some hacks that will transform the look and feel of your kitchen without a lot of effort.

Take a look at five helpful IKEA kitchen hacks you need to know.


1)  Create a Cozy Kitchen Island

For a fraction of the cost of a standard kitchen island, you can create a cozy kitchen island using an IKEA table top with some shelves below it. Make sure to seal the tabletop before food prep to prevent permanent stains or grease from setting in.

All you need are some IKEA shelves for storage and then any IKEA tabletop that fits over them. You can use the island for food prep, as a dining table/bar, or just to store extra stuff underneath and on top. You can learn more about this unique hack and see it in action here.


2)  Magazine Racks for Handy Storage

How many items in your kitchen are long and narrow? Think aluminum foil, plastic wrap, pasta boxes, containers with disposable cutlery, boxes of zipper bags, and packs of paper napkins.

Rather than struggle with finding the perfect spot for them in your cabinets, install magazine racks along the sides of cabinets or on the wall. You don’t even need nails or screws to install them. Use sticky tack or specialized wall hangers to keep them on without damaging your kitchen’s surfaces.


3)  Convert a Wardrobe Into a Standalone Kitchen Pantry

A wardrobe as a pantry?

Yes, it can happen with IKEA furniture. The adjustable shelves inside the wardrobe, where you would normally put socks, shoes, or neatly folded shirts now serve as a place for dry goods, cans, baking supplies, and more.

Feel free to add a spice rack inside the door. The height and depth of the wardrobe is where this hack pays off. Place the wardrobe in a tight corner where there isn’t enough space for a refrigerator but just enough space for some kind of storage.

The space on top of the wardrobe is ideal for a small wine rack or a pack of paper towels.


4)  Floating Shelves for More Space in Your IKEA Kitchen

We all need more storage space in our kitchens. Do you have a bare wall with nothing on it?

That’s a potential storage space.

Install floating shelves along the wall where you have space. They can be small shelves or big ones, depending on what you need. Store miscellaneous items on the shelves, like cups, candles, or containers with cooking utensils. Add hangers beneath the shelves to store mesh bags with fresh fruits or vegetables.

If you're looking for floating shelves that can handle more weight than a few decorative items we recommend Swedish Door's High Capacity floating shelves for a solution that is both stylish and functional.


5)  Replace Your Cabinet Doors With Swedish Door Custom Cabinet Doors for a Custom Kitchen Look

Our favourite IKEA kitchen hack involves replacing your current cabinet doors with custom-made Swedish Door cabinet doors to give your new or existing kitchen a custom look.

Custom kitchen cabinet doors can add new vitality to your kitchen, give you custom colour choices, and refresh the heart of your home. What would happen if you replaced your dark cherry cabinet doors with a beautiful pastel hue? It could brighten your kitchen without a complete remodel.

Contact us today to start your custom quote. We’ll give you some great ideas for how to spruce up your kitchen without a lot of effort.

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