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June 8, 2020

New Swedish Door Featured Colours for 2020

Swedish Door's new Featured Colours for 2020 are now available! Broaden your Painted Cabinet Door selection with our three new standard colour choices. We're featuring two new colours from Farrow & Ball and one from Benjamin Moore. See which colours made the cut!  

Setting Plaster
(by Farrow & Ball)

Swedish Door AART Shaker Painted Setting PlasterSwedish Door AART Shaker Painted Setting Plaster Angled












Pictured is a Swedish Door AART Shaker door finished with Setting Plaster, a Farrow & Ball exlusive colour featuring a warm pastel pink to give your kitchen the appeal of a two toned kitchen while maintaining a calming neutral atheistic.


(by Farrow & Ball)













Pictured is a Swedish Door AART Shaker door finished with Railings, another Farrow & Ball Exclusive featuring a deep dark blue perfect to integrate into a two tone kitchen or outfitted on a kitchen island to make it an attractive feature to your kitchen.


Simply White
(by Benjamin Moore)













What more can we say about Benjamin Moore's "Simply White"? Aside from it is simply white! Pictured above is Swedish Door's AART Shaker Door painted in Benjamin Moore's Simply white. This bright white pairs perfectly with our other two featured colours.

Custom and Standard Colours

Want something outside of our featured colours? Swedish Door offers custom colour matching to nearly any available colour on the market. (Additional fee for custom colours).

We've worked closely with an incredible list of designers, contractors and residential clients to ensure that they get the colour of doors and components they need to complete their project without sacrificing their vision, and give our residential clients the dream kitchen they're always wanted. We've completed hundreds of different custom colours for our clients and look forward to creating the many new unique colours 2020 has to offer!

Not sure what colour you want? We have 16 standard colour choices available on any custom cabinet door style and component listed in our painted cabinet door catalogue at no additional cost!


About Swedish Doors Painted Cabinet Doors

Swedish Door's custom cabinet doors and components are an excellent way to reface your existing kitchen cabinets (learn more about kitchen refacing), or to give your brand new kitchen cabinets a brand new look outside of typical styles and colours you find in the market.

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