Blog4 Reasons You Shouldn't Use a Professional Wood Finishing Shop for Your Project

April 12, 2017

4 Reasons You Shouldn't Use a Professional Wood Finishing Shop for Your Project

You might be thinking of using a professional wood finishing shop for whatever woodworking project you have in mind. Don’t do it! To do this would be absolutely absurd! What could a wood finishing shop know about wood? Do you actually think that a wood finishing shop knows what it is doing? Of course not!

If that doesn’t convince you, we’re going to give you at least four reasons why you should avoid professional wood finishing shops for your oh so precious projects. You’ll see that it’s easy to do things by yourself and that absolutely, positively nothing can go wrong. Um, right?



1. Wood Finishing Is Easy to Do

Let’s face it: it doesn’t take a genius to be able to do wood finishing. It’s not rocket science or brain surgery. In fact, it’s so easy that a five-year-old can do it. If they’re old enough to hold a paint brush, they can do wood finishing! Oh sure, they might get the odd hair from the paintbrush on your lovely cabinet and might even get the odd fleck of dirt on it too, but it sure beat paying money to a professional wood finishing shop to do the work.

It’s true that finishing old antiques is particularly easy as well. All of those elaborate carvings, turnings, mouldings and fluting are a joy to work with. No worries about damaging the wood in some way when you go to strip it. You can entirely do it without dulling the craftsmanship of the wood. You don’t need a professional.


2. You Can Do It In Your Shop

Why spend the time and money transporting your goods to a professional wood finishing shop when you can finish wood in the comfort of your own shop? It’s true. All of those fumes you get from sanding and refinishing wood, or just finishing it for the first time, aren’t detrimental to your health.


You can do wood finishing in your own shop. All of those fumes will only add spice to your food!


3. It’s Cheaper to Do It Yourself

Why spend money on having your work finished by the pros, when it costs way less to do it yourself. Really.

What’s more, if you want to do some spraying in your home, you can set up your very own spray area. No kidding! It’s simple. All you’re going to need to spend limited money on is the following:

  • Construction of a steel booth for fire safety.
  • A big fan to pull “bounce back” overspray away from whatever is being sprayed.
  • Filters to catch overspray before the fan gets it.
  • An exhaust chamber.
  • Sidewalls and a ceiling for a work chamber to direct airflow through the filters.
  • Proper lighting.

See? All of those items are not going to cost you the big bucks you’d spend on people who have done this kind of work for many, many years. Do it yourself!


4. You Can Do the Job Faster On Your Own

Forget the time spent shipping your goods off to the professional wood finishing shop to have the job done. Just think of all of the waiting around you’re going to have to do while the shop lets the finished pieces dry properly. Everyone knows that you can just slap on an extra layer of finish before the first coat of primer has settled into the wood. Easy! No waiting around. You can do the job oh so much faster by yourself. You know what you’re doing.



Contact the Finishing Shop by Swedish Door

By now, you’ve probably realized that we’re just kidding and are trying to have a good laugh. Of course, you should send your project to a professional wood finishing shop! You’ll get quality work done and there’ll be no mistakes at all.

If that sounds way more appealing to you than messing up your project, contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions, and give the project all of the attention and care it needs. What are you waiting for? Get on the phone or drop us an e-mail!


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