Where to Start When Replacing Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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So you want to update your kitchen you have IKEA kitchen cabinet doors but you don't know where to start. This can be a big, expensive undertaking, but the nice thing about IKEA kitchen cabinets is that they look modern and are usually way more affordable than custom-built cabinets. Just like any other kitchen project you have to make a few decisions before you get started.

Here are ideas for where to start:


1. Decide if you Want a New Layout or if you Like Things The Way They Are

First of all, you have to figure out what you’re doing with your kitchen. Are you going to keep the layout you have or change it?  If you are going to keep your layout and just use replacement IKEA cabinet doors, then all you have to do is get new doors for your IKEA cabinets. 

If you are going to redo your layout, then IKEA cabinets might do the trick.  IKEA cabinets (often called cabinet boxes) are really good value and you can use their kitchen planner.  The good news about using the IKEA planner is that it will tell you how much everything costs ahead of time. That way, you and you will have no surprises when you get to the IKEA outlet to pick up your new boxes. 


2. Determine What Changes You’ll Make

When you’re designing your dream kitchen, think about what you’ll need. Will you get doors from IKEA , or order them elsewhere? (IKEA is flexible that way -- you can simply order the cabinet boxes and attach other doors to them.) Swedish Door can make custom doors to fit IKEA and other big box store cabinet boxes, so you should think about us if you need doors for IKEA cabinets. 

Are you changing any components? Do you need new accessories, such as kitchen sink faucets? Do they want to get new counter tops?

If you are thinking about adding accessories, it may be well served that you  take a look at all options, IKEA and custom accessories included. Don’t be afraid to do some research on the Internet. Have them look at design ideas on Pinterest, for instance. Keep in mind the kitchen’s measurements when you do this. Knowing how much space and room you have to play with will help you make decisions on what you can do with the kitchen.


3. Find a Partner Who Can Help You

Don’t be afraid to partner with a contractor or designer to ease the process of replacing your IKEA kitchen cabinet doors.  The extra money you spend somebody like this might be covered in the savings you'll get from avoiding common pitfalls. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out for real help if you think you’ll encounter any problems.



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