The Professional Wood Finishing Spray Booths that Can Take on Any Finishing Project

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Wood finishing goes back thousands of years. In fact, the very first reference to wood finishing comes in the Genesis story of Noah, where God commanded him to use pitch on the ark he was building. Naturally, techniques for wood finishing, along with the types of products used in wood finishing, have changed throughout time. They didn’t have spray booths back then, though, which leads us to say …


One of the big changes is that professional wood finishing shops now use spray booths when it comes to applying paint and wood finish, such as shellac, to products. These booths come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and have different applications for different needs. The thing you might want to know about the Finishing Shop by Swedish Door is that our booths can take on a wide range of projects, from kitchen cabinets to even massive boardroom tables. There isn’t anything that we can’t take on.


If you want to get up close and personal as to why we use spray booths for finishing projects, read on. We’ll tell you why we’re so excited about our spray booths and why they mean that they’re perfect for your next application of finish.



1. It’s All About Safety

The main reason why we use professional wood finishing spray booths is to both produce a high quality finish that protects the product as well as, just as importantly, our workers. Even though our products don’t use many chemicals, virtually every finishing oil or product on the marketplace is going to have some chemicals in it. Spray booths are made to be well ventilated, which helps to prevent our workers from getting sick as long as they’re wearing protective equipment.


As well, this is a good place to inform you why you shouldn’t try finishing projects by yourself. Not only are you dealing with the chemicals in refinishing products, whenever you sand or strip the finish from an old product, you’re going to inhale whatever chemicals were used a long time ago, too.


For instance, if you’re refinishing kitchen cabinets, most homes that were built before 1978 used lead paint as a finish. That means that you’ll wind up inhaling a lot of lead, which is not good for your body.


2. Spray Booths Eliminate Dust

One of the nice things about spray booths is that they’re virtually dust free. That means you don’t have to worry about dust, lint and other particles from settling on the surface of what needs to be treated during spraying. Also, because we’re using sprayers, you don’t need to fret about hairs from paint brushes getting glued onto your finished product.


Spray booths are thus great for ensuring that whatever needs finishing is going to be clean and free from as much gunk as humanly possible.


3. Spray Booths Dry Finish Faster

Spray booths apply finish a lot faster than by hand painting. Because there’s a constant air flow moving through the spray booth’s ventilation system, this means that paint and finish will dry a lot faster. Think about when you blow on nail polish to make it dry quicker -- the same principle applies here. Moving air allows things to dry fast.


This is actually a side benefit of spray booths, because they’re actually moving the air out of the booth to protect the worker and the product.. Still, this benefit means that you can get the job done a little faster than if you were trying to do it on your own without the help of a booth.


4. Spray Booths Are Environmentally Friendly

One of the nice benefits is that spray booths are easy on the environment. The air is ventilated and goes to the outside atmosphere. However, before it does, the air passes through filters which prevent toxins from getting into the outside air. Again, in line with protecting workers is that spray booths concentrate any chemicals that are used -- even though we use paints and varnish with few chemicals, which is better for the working environment. Therefore, spray booths are not only safer for doing work, they’re greener as well.



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