The Four Crucial Things to Look for in a Professional Wood Finishing Shop

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Getting the perfect finish isn't a job for amateurs. But how do you select a professional wood finishing shop? As it isn't always obvious, here are four things you should investigate before choosing your finishing partner:



1. The right prep for the product

Good Prep Wood-699526-edited.jpgIn professional wood finishing, it's important to make sure the wood you are finishing is properly prepped before applying paint or stain. When talking to your professional, make sure you're both on the same page about what is considered quality prep.

Do they have a standard for how a wooden product should be prepped? This is a clear indicator of how professional of a finish you will receive.


2. The right finishing materials to do the job

The quality of the finish is dependent on the quality of paint or stain being applied to wood. Naturally, the highest quality paint also comes with the best quality finish. Make sure you know what materials your finishing shop will use in the finishing process.

Look for the red flags. If they won't disclose the products they use to finish products they receive, they may not be using the highest quality products.  Are they looking out for your best interests?


3. The right tools and equipment for the process

From the right spray booths, to the best curing rack, a real professional wood finishing shop will have the right tools and equipment to give you a professional result. Can they state that they have the highest quality tools and equipment available on the market?

If they won't tell you what they use, consider what this means for your product. 


4. A clean and orderly environment

The cleanliness of the shop is in direct correlation with the quality of finish you should expect to see as a final product. Making sure your products will be finished in the right environment is important to getting the best wood finishing.  SD Paint Booths-676540-edited.jpgAsk the professional wood finishing shop if they can show you around the shop, and walk you through how your product will be cared for.

There are a few things you should be looking for:

  • Unfinished jobs in the middle of the shop.
  • Wood shavings and sanding residue on the floors.
  • Improperly stored equipment. 

If they aren't willing to show you their shop, it's a major red flag. Consider looking for a different finishing shop in Ottawa.



For a higher quality finish, your products should be handled by the professionals. Making that choice could be simple for you if you find the right business to handle your request. Take time, and make sure all four key things are present in their professional process.


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