Replacing Cabinet Doors for a New Kitchen Style Without the New Kitchen Cost

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Consider the following scenarios: Your clients have just moved into a new home but find that they can’t live with the colour and style of their kitchen cabinets. Or maybe they’ve built their own home and just find that the kitchen cabinets aren’t jiving as they thought they would with the rest of the house. Or maybe they’ve lived in their home for awhile and are starting to get sick of the kitchen.

In any event, if you want to update the style of a client’s kitchen cabinets without making drastic changes to the room where they prepare food, refacing the cabinets and drawers may work for them. It’ll just take a few days and they’ll have an updated look without much hassle of the cost of installing new cabinets.

What does cabinet refacing mean? Well, we’ll replace your clients’ drawer fronts and doors with new ones in their choice of style that are colour-matched to their existing cabinet boxes. If you’re thinking about switching the cabinet boxes’ colour, Swedish Door can give you paint to match the colour of the door. You can suggest replacing the pulls and knobs to your client to complete the refresh. A basic project also includes covering the exposed face frames of the cabinets with a matching plastic or wood veneer.



When is Replacing Cabinet Doors the Right Choice for My Clients?

If your clients’ cabinet boxes are in solid and in great condition, this could be a good option. It’s extremely affordable, and they could save roughly 75 percent of the cost of replacing a new kitchen. You can keep the mess to a minimum and have the work done quickly, so if they’re planning a massive party, their kitchen will look refreshed just in time for it.

It’s a good time to replace your clients’ cabinet doors when:

  • Your clients’ cabinet boxes are in great shape but the doors don’t suit their kitchen’s current style.
  • The doors and hardware are worn out and need replacing.
  • Your clients don’t want to make major changes to their kitchen layout that may result in interfering with the kitchen’s electrical and plumbing systems.

Where replacing the cabinet doors might not be the right choice for your clients is if they have a poorly designed kitchen. Refacing simply just updates the look. It doesn’t address design flaws in the layout of their kitchen. Other problems that might make refacing not the right choice for your clients include:

  • If their existing cabinets are starting to fall apart or weren’t built right to begin with.
  • If they have metal cabinets that are rusting.
  • If they have bigger structural issues, such as floors that haven’t settled, leaving cabinets off-kilter.

In those cases, you’ll have to either redesign the whole kitchen or replace the cabinets and drawers entirely.


What Other Benefits Are There to Refacing My Clients’ Cabinets?

Aside from the fact that refacing is cheaper than redoing your entire kitchen, you also save putting old cabinet boxes into a landfill, and you’re not using energy and materials to create new ones. So, in that sense, refacing is better for the environment.

Also, the nice thing about refacing is that your clients will have many different styles to choose from. You can install custom, semi-custom or ready-to-assemble doors with a wood, veneer or laminate finish.


Consider Going Beyond Replacing Your Cabinets

You can also take the time to make little tweaks to your clients’ kitchens when you replace the cabinet doors. For instance, you can suggest replacing old wood centre glides on kitchen drawers with new side-mounted roller tracks. It may be also a good time to replace the countertop, and perhaps the sink and the faucet, too. You can also have custom-built cabinets placed in corners or over the refrigerator. Plus, there are other accessories to choose from such as lazy Susans, wine racks, flip-out drawer fronts, pull-out shelves and pull-out trash bins.



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