Why You Need To Use Professional Wood Finishing Spray Booths

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Providing the highest quality finish is dependent on many things and it all starts with using professional wood finishing spray booths.

They help ensure that your wood finishing jobs are done right, every time. They also provide and healthier environment for staff.  Swedish Door is actually one of the only places (if not the only place) where you can find professional wood finishing spray booths in Ottawa. 



Our Elite Air Systems® Spray Booths

Here at Swedish Door, we've opted for custom-made Elite Air Systems® spray booths to finish your wooden products. It's these spray booths that allow us to provide you with a high-quality finish.

Professional Wood Finishing Spray Booths in Ottawa Professional Wood Finishing Spray Booth in Action


We chose Elite Air Systems® because of the company's superior quality and customer service. This Canadian manufacturer is based in Toronto, and made our spray booths to our exact specifications.  



Benefits of Using Professional Wood Finishing Spray Booths

There were two important factors in our decision to use these fully-enclosed spray booths. We wanted to make sure the spray booths we chose were going to provide you with the highest quality finish possible, and keep our employees safe and healthy.  


The Perfect Finish

What use is a spray booth that doesn't provide a high-quality finish? Opting for Elite Air Systems® booths allowed us to take our professional wood finishing shop to the next level because:

  • The fully enclosed system prevents dirt and debris from entering the booth.
  • Twice-filtered airflow removes any impurities in the air that may stick to the paint.
  • The size of the booths allows us to accomplish almost any sized job. 
  • The spray booths protect your product while it is curing in our shop.


The Health and Safety of our Employees

When you walk in to most wood finishing shops, you can smell the fumes and chemicals used for the finishing process. Often, they will make your eyes water. Being surrounded with those chemicals all day isn't ideal for the health and well being of employees. 


We set out to change that and find a professional wood finishing spray booth that could solve this problem. Combined with our choice to use low-emission paints and stains, our booths address these issues in the following ways:

  • Being fully enclosed, the fumes and chemicals don't escape into the rest of the shop.
  • The airflow process takes the fumes out of the booth, which limits the exposure of the technician who is doing the spraying inside the booth. 


Because of our desire to improve the quality of our workplace, and provide you with a professional finish, the Elite Air Systems® spray booths were an easy choice. 



The importance of the spray booths' quality is part of key component #3 in our list of The Four Crucial Things to Look for in a Professional Wood Finishing Shop: The right tools and equipment for the process. 


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