How Cabinet Door Replacement Can Save You Money

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So you have a kitchen that's making you say “Yuck!” There’s good news: cabinet door replacement is the best solution for updating the style of your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. If you were to redo everything, kitchen cabinets could gobble up as much as 30 percent of the remodeling budget. However, if they you to go with replacement kitchen cabinet doors, you can save up to 75 percent of the cost of redoing the whole kitchen.

There are a few cabinet door replacement tips we can offer for saving money on a kitchen reno by using replacement kitchen cabinet doors



1. Don’t Forget to Do Your Research

You’ll want to match your budget with the best cabinet door replacement option you can afford. Be sure to do an Internet search on the manufacturer you have in mind and find out if they’re known for products of solid quality. Make sure the replacement cabinet doors come with a warranty and that you know what the warranty actually covers.


2. Think About DOOR Styles

You might have a door in mind when it’s time to start shopping, but it’s always good to have two or three options at your disposal that you can compare the cost of. Door styles fluctuate in price after all. Raised panel and insert door styles usually cost more. Shaker-style doors, on the other hand, offer a more conservative look and sometimes can cost less -- not always, though. Slab door fronts are usually less expensive, too, which makes them a good fit if you are trying to save money, but if they have a modern kitchen, the style may mesh with it. Be aware that prices may vary based on the cabinet manufacturer, too.

In the end, you have to think about the style that best compliments your kitchen and home, and what works within your budget.


3. Pick an Affordable Wood Species

You can save hundreds of dollars by picking an affordable cabinet door replacement wood species. Oak and hickory are usually more affordable, while maple and cherry tend to be very expensive. However, once again, the price really depends on the manufacturer they choose. You can talk to us about choosing an affordable wood species that’s the right fit for you. 


4. Reduce How Much You Customize

Basically, the fewer details you pick out, the less you will end up paying. Adding things such as glass door fronts or a corbel to hold up a cabinet is going to cost you more in the long run. In short, splurging is going to increase your budget. If you’re going to add details, you can reduce the cost by picking out cheaper materials -- but be sure to not shirk on quality when you do so.  


5. Think About the Finish

After you’ve selected the replacement cabinet door, you’ll have to think about its finish. You will want to consider a finish that works well with the design of your kitchen. However, the materials used and how complex the job is in applying the colour could impact both the cabinet door’s quality and the final price. For more information on this, it’s best to talk to us as we’re the experts on this.



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