3 Tips for Maximizing Your Design Freedom Using IKEA KITCHEN Cabinets

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IKEA cabinets are stylish and affordable. They’re great for creating a custom look on a budget, particularly if you are looking to spend less than $60,000 on a kitchen redesign. In fact, the cost of an IKEA kitchen remodel is roughly in the $20,000 to $45,000 range -- which is very cost effective since the price of custom kitchen cabinets alone from some manufacturers can run that much. However, if you want get a custom looking kitchen but spend 20 to 30% less, there are a few tips you may want to consider to maximize your design freedom while using IKEA kitchen cabinets.



1. Use the IKEA Boxes, But Swap Out the Doors

The great thing about IKEA kitchen cabinets is that they’re made out of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is much stronger than particleboard. It’s an affordable material that has strength and durability, and the cabinets are wrapped in a melamine finish. The only downside is that if you get water damage on them, MDF products will dissolve rather than mould. Still, if you are looking for a reasonably well-made cabinet box, you can't beat IKEA kitchen cabinets.  

However, if you don’t want to be limited by the selection of IKEA cabinet doors, which are all Euro-styled and meant more for modern kitchens, you can keep the cabinet box and replace the doors. This allows you to go with more conservative style doors, such as Shaker doors or more ornate styles that create an old-world look.

IKEA’s kitchen cabinet styles are of a frameless construction, which works with a whole variety of styles. They also maximize the usable space for drawers -- you can create about 10 percent more space per linear foot using this type of construction. So, considering the IKEA cabinet boxes does make sense if you are looking for a bit more space on a budget.


2. Accessorize for a High-End Style

You can use the IKEA components and accessories that Swedish Door sells to really get stylish. For instance, our laminated hardwood countertops work perfectly on a center island with IKEA cabinets. Our fan hoods can be designed to match the cabinet’s width. Crown moulding, baseboards and fillers can eat up the space with style around the cabinet boxes.

That’s not all. We offer all sorts of trendy handles and pulls to use on your IKEA cabinets. You can choose from traditional, contemporary or industrial designs -- whatever works with your needs. Plus, we offer hinges, too. Whatever your needs are, Swedish Door can help deliver them.

3. You Can Add Accent Items Without Cluttering Up Space

If you want the kitchen to really be the focal point of your home, decluttering it is a necessity. You may feel the need to fill the kitchen up with all sorts of knick-knacks, but the truth is you’ll have too many things screaming for attention.

Instead, pick a project or two and add accent items that won’t add to the clutter. Maybe you can add a new countertop? Or perhaps you can get funky furniture, such as stools or chairs, that have a lively colour that works with neutral colours in the kitchen? In the end, it could be that you can add a backsplash that really stands out. Whatever the case may be, get rid of things that just add to the space no value and be as minimal as possible.



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